The prestigious parent business of the spectacular Casa Reina residential apartment complex in the heart of Lahore, Casa Reina (Private Limited), would like to welcome you. Casa Reina Private Limited, a household name in luxury living, is committed to provide a living experience that befits royalty.

We are dedicated to providing a sophisticated and outstanding living experience, and the foundation of this dedication is our brand values of elegance, quality, customer satisfaction, innovation, honesty, and exclusivity. We prioritize the demands of our customers, welcome innovation, uphold integrity in all that we do, and provide an exclusively luxurious lifestyle that represents status and privilege, from precisely curated areas to the finest standards of construction. At Casa Reina, we have painstakingly created an opulent sanctuary where every little thing has been carefully planned out. You'll be surrounded by a sophisticated and refined ambiance the moment you enter our magnificent lobby. Your time with us will be nothing less than remarkable because of our commitment to excellence, which is visible in every area of our facility.

Every residence at Casa Reina exudes elegance and flair, with modern, streamlined interiors created to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. Because we know how important comfort is, we have provided each accommodation with top-notch amenities. The Casa Reina's facilities are created to elevate your living to new heights. Relax and reenergize at our opulent spa and wellness center, which features cutting-edge amenities like a fully stocked gym, sauna, and swimming pool. Our spectacular rooftop club, which offers breathtaking views of the city skyline, is the ideal place for guests looking for leisure and entertainment to mingle or simply unwind after a hard day.

Discover a world of indulgence and luxury, where your comfort and satisfaction are our utmost priorities. Join Casa Reina and allow us to redefine your prospects of residential living. Welcome to a life of refined elegance.

Shahid Mahmood CEO Casa Reina


Shahid Mahmood

Casa Reina introduces Shahid Mahmood, the Chief Executive Officer and the creative mind behind the prestigious Casa Reina. In order to make his mark in the world of brilliant architecture, he founded Shahid Builders (Pvt.) Ltd in 1985 with unrelenting ambition and a penchant for creativity.

Every construction project he does is infused with his enthusiasm, unwavering integrity, and broad range of experience. Shahid Mahmood is renowned for providing top-notch services, and his steadfast dedication to quality is evident in his international partnerships, cutting-edge tools, and an expanding clientele of happy customers. He has achieved a well-deserved spot among acknowledged business leaders thanks to his compassionate manner, astute decision-making abilities, and unyielding attitude, acting as an example to both his team and colleagues.

Casa Reina is poised for further success and ground-breaking accomplishments with Shahid Mahmood at the helm.

Nadeem Amjed Khan Director Casa Reina


Nadeem Amjad Khan

Nadeem Amjad Khan, a renowned chartered accountant and experienced banker with a plethora of local and international expertise, welcomes you into the world of financial dexterity and business acumen. Mr. Khan made the bold choice to return to his hometown of Lahore to forge his own path as an investor and entrepreneur after a phenomenal banking career spanning more than two decades and including numerous locales across the globe, including the Middle East.

Mr. Khan has developed his skills in managing huge organizations during his successful career, taking on a number of crucial tasks, including that of a board member. In the fields of real estate investments, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and fintech, where he has shown unparalleled intelligence and finesse, he has considerable knowledge and expertise.

Currently, Mr. Nadeem Amjad Khan is the co-founder and the respected director of Casa Reina, where he continues to exhibit his extraordinary vision and unmatched leadership. He leads the company's strategic direction, injecting each project with a dash of genius and an unshakable commitment to success, thanks to his tenacious spirit and keen financial acumen.

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